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MentoratiTM program strictly discourages solicitation for business, unless done with explicit permission. Each mentor on our platform is committed to impart their knowledge and experience to assist mentee's with personal or professional growth. Thus to keep the platform fair and effective we encourage the mentor and mentees to state their expectations from the discussion upfront, be specific in the conversation and not to deviate. Note that mentors reserve full rights to decline a request for mentorship.


Mentorati is an earnest initiative to connect individual to individual or a business for improving outcomes. But it does not guarantee or take ownership in any manner of the outcome of subsequent interaction of the mentee with the mentor. While we do require our mentors to sign a confidentiality clause, it is advisable that mentee establish their own confidentiality agreement with the mentor, wherever required.
Further, ProEdge Services Pvt Ltd takes no liability whatsoever, for the lack of expected performance or of any damages suffered by the mentee or mentor due to their engagement under the Mentorati program.