Talent Brand Assessment

For progressive organisations, a competitive landscape makes talent acquisition one of their biggest challenges. A dynamic economic environment also induces a high level of churn compounding the organisational challenges. Organisations have typically used exit interviews, usually restrictive in its design, to realise improvement areas, though all too late.

ProEdge's proprietary guiding frameworks allow organisations to identify, measure and improve critical factors behind attracting and retaining talent. We can help you define and track your talent brand.

An attractive talent brand can reduce talent acquisition costs and employee turnover, bringing up the quality of the talent pool and organisation productivity.

ProEdge uses a proven methodology to help CHROs gain precious insights throughout the consultative process.

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Assessment Framework Talent Brand Index

Talent Benchmarking

Market intelligence is critical to success of businesses. Most organisations rely on irresolute methods to discover information pertaining to human capital management practices. Lack of a structured approach induces bias in data capture. This could have a meaningful impact on an organisation’s talent management processes.

ProEdge has established tested frameworks for such data discovery and capture that can help an organisation assess its standing vis-a-vis competition. Key study areas are:

  • + Skill gap assessment
  • + Compensation benchmarking
  • + Employee turnover
  • + Per employee productivity

Talent Benchmarking can assist organisations run their human resource practice more productively, through,

  • + Data based resource planning and budgeting
  • + Building roadmap for talent development and acquisition
  • + Fine tuning C&B policies
  • + Inculcate industry best practices

Talent Brand Assessment is predominantly an inward looking study, while Talent Benchmarking is an outward looking one. Some parts of the Talent Benchmarking is usually integrated as part of the Talent Brand Assessment, to improve analysis.

Talent Brand Index
Talent Benchmarking