About ProEdge Services

Who we are

When it comes to building a leadership team we are your edge

We are a premier professional services firm with a strong track record of successfully accomplishing the most challenging executive search assignments in roles as diverse as CXO placements to appointing core medical research scientists, in sectors widely ranging from brick and mortar real estate to hyper dynamic E-commerce to hi-tech biotech research. ProEdge also offers talent management consulting and mentorship services for both individuals and corporates.

What we do

Established in year 2014, we are a young firm with more than 100 years of collective industry experience among the team. We are a sector-agnostic executive search firm that has earned recognition in senior management placements. Our team of consultants comprise erstwhile management consultants and investment professionals, who have closely witnessed the workings of multiple industries and bring an expertise in reading the evolving dynamics of these industries, emphasising our core philosophy of Thinking Ahead.

Till date, we have worked across Real Estate, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Financial Services, Investments, Retail, E-commerce, IT & Supply Chain industries, and enthusiastically seek to explore other frontiers.

Now with our offices in India and South East Asia, we have a higher ability to execute international appointments.

Besides our main forte in executive search services, we consult CHROs on Talent Gap Assessment and Talent Brand Assessment, where we have developed our own proprietary frameworks to help Clients make data-driven management decisions.

ProEdge also runs a Mentorati TM program, where firms can access industry experts, either to appoint them as advisors, mentors, independent directors or simply to take a problem-specific advice. Furthermore, Mentorati provides personnel development and executive coaching services too.

Our Journey

ProEdge started off as a transaction advisory and management consulting outfit. We discovered our strengths in executive search when a novice but ambitious real estate developer client sought assistance to hire a senior CFO professional to help them to the IPO stage. We excelled in that assignment by head hunting a highly placed professional who had handled similar responsibilities at one of India’s largest real estate organisations.

Motivated by the challenge and our own performance, we set out to transform ourselves to be primarily an executive search firm helping our clients become great companies.

In the last three years we have worked with varied organisations, from boutique firms to billion dollar startups to 1000+ people organisations. We have the ability and experience of delivering at the highest levels for the largest of organisations. We particularly relish the challenges of talent acquisition for a start up, which perhaps is also a calling that our stage of growth reckons with. It offers us an opportunity to be part of a vision and that magnetic energy, and we now seek that in all the clients we prefer to get associated with.

As a testimony of our success we have grown our business largely through referrals and we believe that it is the most useful currency for business development.

Our core belief

It is influenced by the startup DNA. We love to tackle new problems, innovatively and by thinking ahead, with unrelenting focus and energy. All our consultants are experts in their respective fields. Not only do they give you one-on-one attention they are backed by a proven process-oriented methodology and a strong team of researchers. They integrate your current business requirements with their knowledge of evolving industry dynamics and offer you solutions you may need going forward.

Our purpose

When it comes to building a leadership team we are your edge

Our vision

To be the most trusted advisors to our clients on their journey to build great companies by providing them executive search, talent management consulting and mentoring services.

Our values

We attribute the success of the firm to our core values, which have helped us attain industry recognition and respect of peers and advisors. All members of the firm are guided by the five key principles and these integral principles are the foundation on which ProEdge plans its growth.

Ethics & Integrity

We are committed to the highest level of ethics and integrity. We are responsible to our clients, candidates, employees and societies we all live in.

Diversity & Team Work

We can excel by being open to ideas, different cultures and perspectives, personal feedback, learning from mistakes and by working collaboratively with each other.

Taking ownership & being dependable

We are achievers and take responsibility for both our successes and failures. Our judgements and actions in our professional or personal lives should foster respect, trust and confidence.

Drive for excellence

To seek the edge of excellence we must be committed to take the long walk, and inspire and empower others along the way.

Thinking ahead

Knowledge empowers us, innovation inspires us. Our continued success is predicated on the long-term success of our client.